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Soldier Beetles
Soldier beetles can be found in significant numbers on the flowers of Rabbitbrush. Bob Hammon took this picture in early September 2005, in Unaweep Canyon.
Mating soldier beetles. Photo by Bob Hammon

Photo by Bob Hammon.


Longhorn Beetle
Longhorn beetles are the adult stages of round headed borers, of which many species attack dying or recently killed wood. This species was collected in a pheromone trap in a pinyon forest near Glade Park (Mesa County).Long Horned Beetle

Tetraopes tetraophthalmus

Milkweed Beetle
Milkweed beetles are longhorn beetles which feed exclusively on milkweed. This picture was taken by Bob Hammon in the gardens at the Mesa County Extension office.Milkweed Beetle. Photo by Bob Hammon

Milkweed beetle. Photo by Bob Hammon

Root Weevil
This root weevil is a common home invader in many settings in western CO. There are several similar species. This picture was taken by Bob Hammon.Root weevil. Photo by Bob Hammon

Lytta deserticola
This species was photographed by Justin Bowen in the Colorado National Monument. Colorado collections of this species are recorded from only a few desert areas of western part of the state.Beetle. Photo by Justin Bowen

Lytta nigrocyanea

Blister Beetles
These blister beetles were photographed just off of I-70 in Grand Co. Utah by Dick Colby. They are on one of the locoweeds (Oxytropis?).Blister beetles.

Nemognatha lurdia
This blister beetle is unique in that its mouthparts are modified into a tube like structure. It was photographed by Patti Susman in Grand Junction on a sunflower.Photo by Patti Susman

Popillia japonica

Japanese Beetle
This is a picture of the first Japanese Beetle caught in Palisade, CO. The pest has now been eradicated from the town.Japanese Beetle.
Red beetle