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Hymenoptera-Ants, Bees, Horntails, Wasps


Bombus griseocollis

There are many species of bumblebees in western Colorado . Bob Hammon photographed this B. griseocollis flying in to a white foxtail lily at the Mesa County Extension office in 2005.Bumblebee on Foxtail Lily

Megchile sp.

Leafcutter Bees
Leafcutter bees in a tray. Photo by Sami Waters

Leafcutter bees. Photo by Sami Waters

Chlorion aerarium

Cricket Hunter
This beautiful cricket hunter was photographed by Dick Colby in his back yard in Grand Junction. These sphecid wasps are very common in the lower altitudes of western Colorado. They specialize on hunting crickets, as the picture aptly displays. They paralyze their prey, bury it and lay an egg on it. The wasp larva then consumes the cricket.Cricket hunter wasp. Photo by Dick Colby.