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Welcome to the Colorado State University Extension Western Colorado Entomology web site. This site was created and is maintained by Tri River Area Extension Entomology & Agronomy, and is dedicated to presenting factual information on the insects and insect related issues affecting western Colorado.

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Western Colorado Beekeepers Association

If you are a local honey beekeeper wanting to share or acquire knowledge about beekeeping, please visit the Western Colorado Beekeepers Association website or on Facebook.

The Western Colorado Beekeepers Association has a phone line set up to assist with honeybee swarm removal. They are partnering with Four Corners Beekeepers Association to effectively deal with swarm call throughout Western Colorado.

If you need assistance with swarm removal in the Tri River Area, the Colorado River Corridor and

Honey bee swarm.

Photo by Valerie Stow, Western Colorado Beekeepers Association.

NW Colorado contact the Western Colorado Beekeepers Association swarm line number  (970) 812-0080.

For swarm removal in Archuleta, Dolores, Hinsdale, La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan and San Miguel counties call the Four-Corners Beekeepers Association swarm line number is (970) 884-8190. For more information please visit the FCBA website or they can also be found on Facebook.

Also the CSBA (Colorado State Beekeeper Association of the metro region) also has a swarm line which can handle calls in Denver and other areas in Colorado, 1-844-SPY-BEES.